Following are the groups involved in Cybertechnos initiative

Information and Cybersecurity
a. Digital Authentication & Security

b. Digital Multimedia &Forensics

c. Cloud Computing IAAS/PAAS/SAAS Security

d. Security, Access Control, and Software Development Security

e. Secure Software Development

f. Semantics of Security

g. Cryptography

h. Security Architectures, Frameworks and Models

i. Information Security Governance

j. Telecommunication and Network Security

k. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

l. Operational Security

m. Physical Environment Security

Software & Web Engineering
a. Software Engineering Technologies and Practice

b. Software Project Management

c. Software Quality Assurance

d. Software Core Development

e. Enterprise Resource Planning

f. Enterprise Architectures

g. Automated Software

h. Semantic Web and Interoperability

i. Software Interoperability and Integration Framework

Digital Devices Program
a. Energy and Emission

b. Consumer Electronics

c. Strategy and Technology

Network Communication and Infrastructure
a. Mobility and Wireless Communication

b. Universal Mobile Telecommunication System

c. Mobile RFID Services

d. Neural Networks

e. Networking Models and Frameworks

f. Cognitive Networks

g. Routing and Traffic Management

h. Network Management

i. Grid-base Smart Computing

j. Smart Home

k. Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Sustainable Energies and Utilities
a. Sustainable Environments

b. Green Computing

c. Green Ecosystem

d. Photovoltaic

e. Bioenergy

f. Geothermal Energy

g. Energy Efficiency

h. Socio-economic Research

a. Datacenter System Management

b. Datacenter Design and Facility

c. Datacenter Automation

d. Change Management

e. Mainframe Systems

f. Datacenter Infrastructure

g. Data ware houses and repositories

Sustainable Energies and Utilities
a. Mobility in Healthcare

b. Bioinformatics

c. Serious Gaming in Healthcare

d. Clinical Informatics

e. Predictive Modeling Techniques

f. Dental Informatics

g. HCI Evaluation

h. Image Perception Research

i. Telecommunications and Telehealth

Big Data and Analytics
a. Quantum Measurements

b. Universal Access

c. Minimum Learning Curve

d. Sociological Universe

e. De-duplication

f. Pattern Detection

Skills Innovation and Intellectual Property
a. IP Provision

b. Copyright Law and Litigation

c. Patent Regulations

d. Protocols on Trademarks

e. IP Frameworks

f. Data Protection Frameworks

Internet of Things
a. Web of Things

b. Embedded Web Resources


d. IoT Strategic Research

e. IoT Applications

f. IoT Privacy, Security and Governance

g. Data Aggregation

h. IoT Empowerment

i. Semantics and Interoperability in IoT