Services and Consultancies

Nowadays, writing and publishing research has become a modern science. Therefore, we provide most comprehensive and competent supervision to students and early researchers in their research and studies to overcome their technical difficulties in their research methodologies. Our team, distributed in multiple groups, is bestowed to provide the following services and consultancies:

 Students and Early Researchers

  •  Undergraduate and Postgraduate Research Studies Supervision
  •  Thesis Writing Consultancy
  •  Research Articles Consultancy

 Research Project Consultancies

  •  Research Area Specification (Browse Scope)
  •  Research Area Specialization Services (Browse Groups)

Industrial Project Consultancies

  •  Industrial Domain Consultancy (Browse Scope)
  •  Software/Web Consultancy (Browse Groups)
  •  Project Management Consultancy

 Research Publication Consultancies

  •  Specialized Area Consultancy (Browse Scope)
  •  Research Methodology Consultancy
  •  High Impact Research Article Preparation
  •  Research Patents and Laws (Browse Scope/Group)
  •  Research Patent Writing Consultancyo Literature Review Consultancy

 Research Project Prototype Development and Implementation

  •  Specialized Area Specification (Browse Groups)
  •  Prototype Development Planning
  •  Prototype Development (Development/Testing/Implementation)